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Some services may only be provided in Chinese; please check with staff in advance.
Psychiatric services in different hospitals in the Hsinchu City and County areas (Department of Psychiatry)
MacKay Memorial Hospital Hsinchu branch
National Taiwan University Hospital Hsinchu branch
Hsinchu Xinsheng Hospital
Hsin Chu Armed Force Hospital
Hsinchu Cathay General Hospital
Hsin Chung Shing Hospital
China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital
Ton Yen General Hospital
Taipei Veterans Hospital, Hsinchu Branch
National Taiwan university Hospital Chutung branch
Catholic Mercy Hospital
Pei Ling Guanxi Hospital
Psychiatric services in different clinics in the Hsinchu City and County areas
Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Hsinchu Branch, Tsing Hua University Clinic
Balance Psychiatric Clinic
Ansn Clinic
Provence Psychiatric Clinic
Qin He Body and Mind Clinic
Liu-Chu Clinics
Dr. Wu Psychiatric Clinic
Annli Clinic
Sunshine Psychiatry Clinic
Shui On Clinic
Counseling centers in Hsinchu City and County areas
Hsinchu City community mental health center
Dowdslove counseling center
Mindspace Psychological Clinic
Yunqi Psychological Clinic
Dr.Lee's Counseling center
Openmind counseling center
Mind-Garden Psychological Clinic
Lightsinyou Counseling center
United Psychological Services (UPS)
GuFong Counseling center
Yidingsheng Counseling center
Hexuan Psychological Clinic
Telephone consultation & crisis hot line services: Free!
Ministry of Health and Welfare -Crisis hot line dial 1925 directly
Lifeline-Crisis hot line dial 1995 directly
Teacher Chang Foundation Telephone consultation dial 1980 directly
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