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heartFor psychology-related activities in English, we provide only the Introduction to the Counseling Center in the new student orientation, but students may also apply to attend lectures in different departments.

enlightenedFirst-level counseling service (education): Planning and activities to improve mental health.

* Lectures and activities for freshmen and new graduate students. (Chinese & English)

* Guidance topics: Various activities will be organized each semester with different topics and methods, including lectures, movies, online voting, and articles.

 (Chinese & English)

* Courses at the General Education Center: Interpersonal relationships, career planning, etc. (Chinese)

* Lectures provided by certain departments for all students, plus clubs, etc. (Chinese & English)

* Counseling publications: Heart House e-news, BLOGs, the freshman manual, mental health manuals, flyers, etc. (Chinese)

* Recruitment and training of peer volunteers. (Chinese)

* Guidance activities provided by departmental caring advisors and staff.

* Training in professional knowledge provided on a regular basis by professional counselors and psychologists.