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Q1:What is counseling?

Counseling is the process of working on problems, including relationships, self-image, self-esteem, emotions, family problems, environmental adjustments, and career development. In general, the purpose of counseling is to get to know yourself better and learn to deal with life problems more effectively. Even people who tend to resolve problems by themselves still need to ask for help sometimes. There is a often a stigma attached, as many people think that asking for help means they lack ability. In fact, people who ask for help are brave because they are truly confronting their problems and working to resolve them. We all may benefit from discussing various life issues with professionals. Helping professionals, including psychiatrists, counseling psychologists and social workers, assist people in dealing effectively with various life issues. We believe that after people discover their personal strengths and their thoughts, feelings and behaviors improve, then they are ready to leave counseling.
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