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Individual counseling

heart In counseling sessions, you play the leading role while we facilitate and provide guidance. You have the right to determine what problems are discussed and the sequence and depth of discussions in your counseling sessions.
 Generally, we offer an interview of 50 or 60 minutes once a week by appointment, with longer or shorter sessions as needed for special conditions. Counseling is free. Please also see our Individual Counseling Agreement/Consent form.

Individual Counseling Agreement/ Consent Form
National Tsing Hua University Student Affair Department, Counseling Center
Hi, welcome to the counseling center, please read the following rules and regulation carefully and follow it. If you have any question or concern, please feel free to ask, we will explain the detail.
  1. Free Service: The counseling service including regular counseling and consultation are free of charge for NTHU faculty, staff and students.
  2. Counseling Times: Each counseling session is 50 minutes and once per week.
    1. For regular counseling, students have 8 sessions including personal leave per semester. However, it can be adjusted when there are special circumstances.
    2. For consultation, faculty and staff have 1 session per semester. We provide mental health consultation and referral services.
  3. Counseling Cancellation: If you cannot attend the session, please call, email, or come in person to cancel the session at least 24 hours prior to the session. The sessions will terminate if you do not show up for two times without an acceptable reason. (Tel:03-5715131 Main Campus #34725;Nanda Campus #76602)
  4. Confidentiality and Exceptions: Your information and counseling records will be kept confidential in the Center, and will be processed and stored confidentially. We will arrange case manager to incorporate resources if there is a need for your best interests. However, the two special circumstances below are excluded:
    1. If there is a danger of harm to self and/or others' life, freedom, property, and safety.
    2. Involvement of legal obligations, such as: Children and Youth Welfare Act, Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act, Domestic Violence Prevention Act and et cetera. Related institutions, organizations, and government agencies will be reported, if needed. 
  1. Consent to Video/Audio Recording:  To better assist you to solve problems effectively, or for the professional supervision purpose, our professional guidance counselor might request for an audio/video recording, we will ask for your consent, and you can consider your own situation to make the decision, and you have the right to refuse the audio/video recording. After supervision, the professional guidance counselor will destroy the audio/video records.
  2. Counseling Process: You have the right to seek opinions from other professions. However, the basic principle is that one client and one  professional guidance counselor during counseling services.
  3. Termination of Counseling Session: You have the right to end counseling session anytime, but please discuss about termination with your professional guidance counselor.
  4. Consent to Referral:  To better assist you to solve the problem,  professional guidance counselor might refer you to other  professional guidance counselor or psychiatrist who can better assist you, we will ask for your consent prior to the referral. In the meantime, all your counseling information and records will be transferred. If you ask for a referral, you will need the agreement from the professional guidance counselor in advance.  
  5. Records Destruction: Your counseling records (included basic personal information, psychological test, counseling records, and et. cetera) will be completely destroyed by the counseling center after 10 years from the final counseling session.
  6. Special Purpose: If the counseling it is based on a special need or the learning purpose, please let us know in advanced, thank you.
I have carefully read through this consent form, and agree to accept the counseling service provided by Counseling Center.  Agree.   Disagree
Student ID/ Staff ID:                                Date:                     Signature:
Professional guidance counselor:                           
P.S. According to the “Student Guidance and Counseling Act” Professional guidance counselor refers to:  A person who holds certification as a clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, or social worker, who has been engaged in accordance with legislation by the competent authority or a school to undertake student guidance and counseling work.
20200727 Central Executive Council approved
Applicable from 20200801
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