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Notification and prevention about the spread of COVID-19

heartTo reduce possible infection of a New coronavirus(COVID-19), here are some important messages and procedure for you.  Please cooperate and follow our steps. Let’s maintain our environment together and have a safe and secure place.
  1. Due to  closed space in counseling room, please always wear a surgical mask. Let’s maintain a safe and secure place together.
  2. We provide disinfecting alcohol near the entrance of the second floor, please be sure to use it to sanitize your hands.
  3. We clean up and sanitize our center daily and regularly, including floor, facilities, and other instruments; if necessary, we will increase the times of a clean-up.
  4. We will try our best to maintain well-cleansed and well-ventilated indoors in order to get a fresh air all the times.
  5. If you and your family members have traveled in different countries within the past 14days and have fever or cold/flu symptoms, please notify our staff in front desk before counseling. Meanwhile, please report the school health system (https://reurl.cc/5gmVXz).
Thank you for your cooperation. In doing so, we can protect ourselves and others. We wish you stay healthy, and everything goes well to you.
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